Sunday, 13 May 2012

A Musical Dog

The downside of owning a dog is that sometimes – well okay much of the time – they parp.  And toot.  And even occasionally trumpet (especially if they’ve swiped your beans on toast when you weren’t looking).  But in the case of my pooch forget the parp, toot and trumpet.  There is a whole orchestra of wind instruments going on under that tail. 

A beagle is a bit of a wotsit when it comes to grub.  As far as this breed is concerned, all food is theirs.  Even yours.  They will eat anything and everything and have no comprehension of their stomach ever being full. 

I have a feeling that my pooch has ingested something she shouldn’t have when out in the garden.  I also have a feeling that come Monday morning we will be queuing at the vet’s to make sure all is well and possibly have an antibiotic injection.  In the meantime I’ve put her on soft boiled rice to calm the gut down.  That and throwing all the windows in the house wide open. 
With a bit of luck the wind music will soon stop. I much prefer it when she sticks to playing the piano... 

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