Sunday, 10 June 2012

Jumping on the Kindle Bandwagon

After months of procrastinating, I’ve finally bought a Kindle.  As I walked self-consciously out of PC World with my boxed Kindle in its I'm-a-techie carrier bag, I did wonder if I’d done the right thing.  You see, I'm definitely not a techie.  And I also love books.  As in proper books.  You know, made of paper with a spine that creases if you bend it back and pages that come unglued when you drop it in the bath.  Not that I’ve dropped a book in the bath for years.  Chance would be a fine thing.  But you know what I mean.  Anyway, I digress. 

I’m an author of novels available as e-books, so it seemed faintly ridiculous not to own a handbag-sized e-reading gadget.  Now that I’m a ‘Kindler’ I can take advantage of all those wonderful free downloads that periodically pop up on Amazon.  Indeed I’ve had a pleasurable time trawling through freebies, looking inside, having a bit of a read and umming and ahhing whether to download or not.  It’s been a bit like browsing in a bookstore, except in the comfort of my own home.  That said, Waterstones have just done a deal with Amazon and in the not too distant future e-readers will be able to browse electronic books in this favourite bookshop – clearly a sign of the times as far as the electronic book publishing industry is concerned.

So far I’ve downloaded about twenty books.  Twenty proper books would be weighty, take up space on an already overcrowded bookshelf and, once read, gather dust.  I can't help marvelling that twenty novels are sitting within this pencil thin gadget.  And it's so easy to read.  No eye-straining glowing screens.  It's just a book!  I’m totally sold!

Of course, you'll always have somebody who won't like making the transition.  For example, did you hear about the two dogs who loved chewing things they shouldn’t?  One chewed a Kindle while the other chewed a paperback.  The former said, ‘Don’t know about you, but I still prefer a real book.’

When the dogs’ owners returned home the husband said to his wife, ‘Oh no, isn’t that your Kindle in Fred’s mouth?’  The wife said, ‘That’s okay, let him have it, he’s a Golden E-Reader.’  Okay, I’m going...

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