Saturday, 30 June 2012

Look Into My Eyes

They say that eyes are the windows to the soul.  That when you look into a person’s eyes you can tell in a nano-second whether they are clean-living, kind and generous of spirit.  Well anybody peering at my peepers right now would deduce me to be of a suspicious nature with a penchant for jammy doughnuts.  Because that’s what they resemble.  Two puffy slits with bright red centres.

It all started off with hayfever and a dose of itchy eyes.  Within 24 hours I felt as though somebody had chucked a bucket of gravel at them.  The optician prescribed some drops.  And yesterday, when my eyes were so dry it was like blinking against sandpaper, a nice pharmacist suggested a bottle of lubricating jollop. 

So last night I went to bed with my eyelashes coated in oily gunk.  The eyeballs finally felt a bit more comfortable.  By morning the lids were welded together and I was convinced I’d gone blind in the night.  Somewhere along the way conjunctivitis had set in. 

Right now my in-laws are visiting.  I want to be entertaining and looking my best!  Not wearing a grimace and wrap-around sunglasses.  The sunnies are all well and good during daylight.  But it’s not such a fab look at night.  Whilst out yesterday evening, I attempted passing myself off as mysterious.  My daughter gave a mirthless laugh and suggested dodgy instead.  Mr V is calling me Roy.  As in Orbison.

Ah well.  It could be worse.  At least eye infections do eventually heal.  As one person quipped:  ‘ – isn’t that a site for sore eyes?’

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  1. Anagram of The Eyes? They See! Hope yours do soon! xx