Sunday, 16 December 2012

What’s handsome, hot and makes you swoon? Jason Baca. And that’s no joke...

I recently met a gorgeous male glamour model (he drapes himself around women for romantic book covers) and just knew my readers would like to meet him too.  So let me introduce Jason Baca.  Take a peek at his website –   – especially if you’re a writer of hot romance and need a sizzling cover for your next bestseller!

I defy you to stare at this vision and not have your jaw overcome by gravity.  Muscles...abs...pecs...whatever they’re the bucketful and in all their bulging glory, plus chiselled cheekbones, and fab good looks.

At times like this you have to seize  Would he agree to an interview?  ‘Absolutely,’ Jason said, ‘and I promise not to behave.’  Whereupon my brain emptied and I couldn’t think of a single thing to ask other than, ‘Do you have a calendar I can pin on my study wall?’

So I decided to turn to Facebook friends and fellow authors for help.  You asked the following questions – and likewise it would seem some of you can’t promise to behave either!  So, are you sitting comfortably?  Here we go:

Maddie: Where did you start modelling and how old were you?
Jason: I started my actual modelling career in 1997 on location in Bodega Bay, CA.  I'd been a body double for one of the main actors in the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer.  One of the photographers took me to one side and asked if he could take photographs of me. That turned out to be my first shoot!  He told me I was a natural, which was a wonderful ego boost.
As for my age...
well I’ll let you guess (winks).
Emma: Why did you become a model and what job would you do if you weren’t a model?
Jason: Great question Emma! Originally I wanted to be a baseball player. I played in the college level for 3 years.  Had I not found modelling, there is no telling WHAT I would have made of my life. I will say that the period between college baseball and modelling was actually a very dark and testing time. I felt in my heart that I needed to find what I was destined to do.

Liz: How long do you see yourself doing this for?
Jason: I haven't decided yet. The real key in determining this will be when my stock no longer gets used.  Then I will know that it needs to be put to rest. But before that happens, I'd like to be the one in control of my future.  If I see myself not 100% devoted to this, then that's the time to sit and reflect on what I should or shouldn't do.

Suzie: Do you think readers ever confuse you for the heroes you portray?
Jason: I've often wondered that Suzie – they see me on the cover so that is the only connection they have to that character's vision.

Paula: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had in your career so far?
Jason: Putting aside anyone else’s ‘path’ which includes their expectations of me. I have a vision for myself. I don't say to people, ‘How would you like me to live my life?’  Many a time there have been those wanting me to do this or that.  ‘Be normal,’ they say.  Well I'm anything BUT normal. I can't stand that’s like the F word to me!

Mary: I like a hero who washes dishes. Do you wash dishes? In particular, do you get around the sides of the pots and pans and rinse them too? (Mary is clearly in a lather!)
Jason: Yes Mary.  I make sure that I do give my dishes a good, deep soak. If you don't let them sit in the warm soapy water and just jump right in and start working on them, you will not leave that dish sparkling. I have just the right technique that gives my dishes a scrub they won't forget.

Marie: (looking lustful) Do you oil your muscles?
Jason: Well actually, yes I do. I use a Vitamin E oil.  I massage it gently into my muscles to give my skin a healthy, supple look.

Natalie: Have you ever been propositioned and, if so, how far would you go for your art?!
Jason: Propositioned?  Hmm. Well I did do a shoot twice for Playgirl magazine.  But I knew what was coming before I flew down.  During one particular shoot a photographer asked if I could ‘do more’ and they’d pay me extra!  But I declined.  I'm a good boy!

Emily: What do you have for breakfast? (Asking question with very wide eyes)
Jason: Emily!  You can't tell I've been eating my Wheaties?

Lorna: (More wide eyes) Do you have big...feet?
Jason: Lorna, I have huge...feet and am very confident about them!

Caroline: Dare I ask, do you enjoy your job?
Jason: I absolutely love my job!  I enjoy every aspect – from preparing for the shoot to seeing the final book cover.

Elaine: Does your mother approve of your work?!
Jason: She doesn't approve or disapprove.  She's just not into it.  When the first cover came out she was like, ‘Wow!’  But now?  She'd rather talk about her own stuff! 

Hilary: Would you like to meet me? I may be 70 and on crutches but I still have a fabulous twinkle in my eye...
Jason:  Absolutely Hilary! I'd LOVE to!  Hopefully I'll be attending the Rom Con this coming season.  If you happen to be there, come right up.  Don't hesitate!
Thank you for dropping by Jason.  And for those ladies clamouring for a touch, form an orderly line – behind me...


  1. He washes, rinses, AND pre-soaks? I'm in. He could look like Woody Allen -- though yes, it's a plus that he doesn't.

    Good interview!

    1. He's a real dream hunk Mary! xx

    2. Yes. Great interview. But I'm with Mary. What he can do outweighs what he looks like. Put the light out dear, I need more time to write.

  2. He sounds like such a laugh. I will now go and have a little look at his website. You get all the best interviews, Debbie!