Sunday, 14 April 2013

I think, therefore I'm not an MP

You know, I’d have liked to have written a few words about Mrs Thatcher and her passing...but...I’m all too conscious of the vitriolic comments ‘out there’ and the potential for backlash.  Sadly freedom of speech doesn’t seem applicable these days when it comes to politics.  I read about Geri Halliwell saluting Mrs T on Twitter, calling her the first woman of ‘girl power’.  The resulting wrath was such that she was forced to delete the tweet.  In a country like Great Britain?  Come again?  Geez....

When the news first broke of Mrs Thatcher’s death, the thing that struck me the most was that it was impossible to scroll through Facebook’s newsfeed without spotting comments like ‘yippee’ or ‘how wonderful’.  I rarely read the newspapers but on this occasion did venture into the broadsheets where pictures of looters and arsonists and rioters were photographed for anyone who cared to see.  What was that all about?  Supposedly letting off steam about a Prime Minister whose policies they didn’t agree with.  Erm, the only thing is, she’s not lead this country for over 20 years.  These people were simply looking for an excuse to go out and make trouble without a thought for wrecking others’ means of making an honest living.

I’m no political animal and frankly couldn’t care less who is leading the country.  They are all a bunch of muppets as far as I am concerned.  All of them need a damn good shake up and to be force fed a spoonful or six of common sense.  Whether you liked or loathed Margaret Thatcher, I cannot rejoice in her death or that of any other politician – past, present, or future.  She was a human being, a wife and a mother – same as me and every other woman out there on Planet Earth.  Since when did so many people fail to recognise that we should all stop this simmering hatred and start being nice to each other – REGARDLESS OF WHOM OR WHAT WE WERE/ARE?  Bottom line is, we’re all in this together.  So for God’s sake let’s start trying to get on with each other.  And then maybe, just maybe, this world will be a nicer place.

Right, that’s me off my soap box.  Which reminds me.  A little girl asked her father, ‘Do all fairy tales begin with Once upon a time?  Her father replied, ‘No.  Some begin with When I am elected’...


  1. The voice of sanity.

    Which is unusual here... :)

  2. Well said. The time to celebrate - for those people who think it necessary - was when she left office. I wonder how many of these people vote at every election to have their voice heard... we keep being told that voting figures are declining.