Saturday, 13 July 2013

Mind the Step...

Mind the Step...

I have a new book out, The Ex Factor, and it’s like nothing I’ve ever written before.  The prompt for writing this was being a step-parent.  They say being a parent is the hardest job in the world.  I disagree.  I think being a step-parent is the hardest job in the world.
My first husband had been married before and I ‘inherited’ a delightful little boy.  His mum was also lovely and I was extremely fortunate to have a good relationship with her.  Indeed we spent many a Christmas and New Year together.  When my first husband died and I re-married, I found myself inheriting another step-child.  Things couldn’t have been more different.
Step-parenting can be a joy.  It can also be agony.  In stressful times, family mediation is a Godsend – if all family members can be persuaded to go.  If they can’t be persuaded...well sadly the problems will remain.  Problems that can test a marriage to breaking point.
If you have a trawl through step-parent forums, you will find a small army of both men and women with an overwhelming desire to offload about their lot – which in itself is very therapeutic.  Step-parenting is a huge pot of bubbling emotions, and after reading so much ‘out there’, I simply had to put it all into a book.  And if you’re a step-parent reading it, I’m afraid there is no magic wand or easy answer.  As one person said, try and keep love in your heart because, at the end of the day, you can’t fight love.
Which reminds me.  A wife said to her husband, ‘If I were to die first, would you remarry?’  ‘Well,’ said the husband, ‘I’m in good health, so why not?’  ‘Would she live in my house?’            ‘It’s all paid up, so yes.’  ‘Would she drive my car?’  ‘It’s new, so yes.’  ‘Would she use my golf clubs?’  ‘No.  She’s left-handed.’

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  1. I know I am lucky with my step-daughter, I've known her since she was 2 and she and I are really close.

    The Ex Factor is an amazing read and when I read it, it reinforced my feelings of how lucky I really am.

    I hope the book does really well.