Sunday, 4 August 2013

Oh Baby...

So Kate and William have now registered the birth of their beautiful baby boy, His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.  I was one of the millions who rejoiced at the birth of the Royal arrival, third in line to the throne.  I was amazed at some of the sour comments on Facebook and Twitter – how can anybody not celebrate a new life?  Yes, one in three children are born into poverty, and certainly this little chap should never know paucity.  But I believe the Royal Family work damn hard and are fantastic ambassadors for our country.  The United Kingdom is envied by many other countries for our Royals, everything they stand for, and the sheer history that is steeped behind The House of Windsor.
          Even my own husband is anti-royal – something that never fails to amaze me considering how very pro royal my in-laws are.  I have no doubt that my mother-in-law is, this very minute, ordering a Prince George porcelain plate to adorn her living room wall. It will sit proudly next to other Royal plates, including our lovely Diana.  But for all those anti-royalists who moan about the cost of the Royal Family and that the money would be better off going to starving children, or the National Health, or Mrs Chav demanding a ten bedroom Council house for her umpteen children because she failed to take her contraceptive pill, let’s look a little closer at the statistics – because I’ve been doing some digging.
          The Royal Family cost Forty Million Pounds per annum to maintain.  But the revenue paid to the United Kingdom from the Royal lands is a breathtaking Two Hundred Million.  I’m not brilliant at mathematics, but even I can work out that this is a One Hundred and Sixty Million Pound profit per annum from the Royal Family.  And that is THEIR land that generates this income, so no you cannot boot them off it anymore than you would snatch away Mrs Horse Mad Person Down the Road who owns a measly three acres.  Quite apart from this staggering amount of money, the Royal Family are a huge tourist attraction.  People come from all over the world to stand outside the gates of Buckingham Palace and visit The Tower of London.  Every year Twelve Million tourists visit the United Kingdom and spend...wait for it...Seven Thousand Million Pounds.  I can’t even begin to write a figure out like that – I’d trip over all the zeroes.
          So people like dear Mr V and all the other whingers who throw out their ignorant comments without pausing to properly qualify their statements should perhaps think again.  I certainly wouldn’t want the Queen’s job.  She’s 87 years old and STILL working and STILL throwing open her doors to Joe Public.  I wouldn’t want her job for all the tea in China, even if it did mean parking my bottom on a gilded chair at the end of the day.
          So long live the Queen and long live our new Prince George.  Which reminds me, why did the Republican cross the road?  To get to the other bribe...


  1. I couldn't agree more Debbie. xx

  2. Amen. Basically. The Royal Family are one of the best tourist attractions we have.

    I don't envy them at all, they are born into the situation and can't even sneeze without being in the papers. And for that "perk" they get continually moaned about.

  3. I think the Royals (with the odd exception) do a fantastic job. I just wish the press would be a little saner in reporting events.