Monday, 30 December 2013

Interviewing Neil Kokemuller

Hello Neil!

Question:  What prompted you to write "Marketing as a Business System?"
Answer: I have been a regular freelance writer since 2007 and most of my writing has centred on business and marketing topics. Essentially, I took my background and experience shared in many articles and compiled them into a concise "marketing guide." I also have an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted the challenge of trying to market my own eBook.

Question: What is your background in business and marketing?
Answer: I am in my 10th year as a college marketing professor. In addition to teaching and freelance writing, I have background in retail management and marketing for a start-up technology company. I also have an MBA from Iowa State University.

Question: What is the basic message of the book?
Answer: Despite the fact it is a short guide book, I really think "Marketing as a Business System" offers enough marketing insights that most people should learn something new from it. More than that... the book is intended to promote a systematic, company-wide approach to marketing that supports development and maintenance of ongoing customer relationships.

Question: Who would benefit from reading your book?
Answer: I'll answer that from a "target marketing" perspective. Primarily, I think this eBook can help business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals and people looking for marketing education. The nature of the book as a brief overview of marketing as a system, though, really makes it useful for anyone wanting to understand the entire marketing process -- even website owners and operators.

Question: What are the key features of the book that provide value to someone that purchases it for download?
Answer: I really think the answer to that is best summed up by the first customer review posted right after the eBook was initially published. It read:  A great short overview of marketing. Thus the book is a quick read. I found myself highlighting some passages and will use this book as a reference for my businesses.  This is really what I was hoping to provide. It isn't a "how-to," it is more of an overview for reference that offers various marketing elements that you can dig deeper into with follow-up reading.

Question: How has marketing changed over time?
Answer: As a college instructor, I can tell you that marketing is one of the most dynamic fields you can be involved with. It changes constantly, especially with technology. Many people think of marketing as a "creative" process. What has taken marketing to the next level is the technology that allows companies to integrate their research and analytics with focused messages targeted to clearly identified target customers.

Question: What are your goals with the eBook?
Answer: Naturally, I'd like to generate sales and gain satisfaction from hundreds or thousands of people benefiting from its insights. I also see it as a tool for me to enhance interaction and social engagement, and to network with others in the marketing field.

Question: What other writing do you have planned for the future?
Answer: I don't have specifics, but I generally intend to publish similar types of marketing "guide" books. Many of the topics covered in "Marketing as a Business System" can be delved further into a niche book of a similar length.

Question: What has been the most enjoyable aspect of writing and publishing your eBook?
Answer: As a college instructor, I have a great opportunity to get to know students and share my knowledge and experience in a class setting. Going through the writing, publishing and self-marketing process with an eBook gives me a chance to engage my own entrepreneurial spirit. I really enjoy the challenge of researching and trying to implement an effective marketing strategy with a self-published book.

Question: What should readers do after downloading and reading "Marketing as a Business System?"
Answer: Enjoy and use the information in whatever way benefits them.

Thank you, Neil.  If you would like to contact Neil directly, then go to his website,, tweet @NeilKokemuller, or post questions/reviews on the book via author profiles at

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